Life Safety HCYU

Life Safety

Our professional, in-depth knowledge of building and fire codes results in well designed and cost-effective systems. HCYU Building Engineered Solutions strives to provide our clients with the best engineering solutions to the myriad of Life Safety related issues they face each day.

With engineers who specialize in tackling challenging life safety projects, we understand that unique systems are required to provide the ideal protection. We work with you not only to comply with code requirements, but to understand the needs of your business and to minimize your risks with cost effective solutions.

Our firm has a variety of experience in the assessment and evaluation of life safety, fire protection, fire alarm and security systems, in support of broader due diligence of engineering evaluations, asset surveys, building condition assessments and capital planning studies. Our role in evaluating these systems is to give our clients a clear picture of existing conditions, expected maintenance and operational costs, and projected replacement requirements.

These services include:

  • Building/Fire Code Consulting
  • Fire Protection & Security System Design
  • Post-Incident Investigation
  • Forensic Evaluation
  • Fire Safety Evaluation System Studies (FSES)
  • Hazardous Materials Evaluations
  • Systems Testing & Evaluation
  • Construction Management Support